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Thread: RP server rules

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    RP server rules

    The objective of these rules are to establish a fun and fair server for everyone. These rules are subject to change as we carefully review each rule and each occurrence in the server to make it a fun and fair server, but to also NOT make it restrictive to the gameplay and your own experience.

    If you think a rule needs to be added, modified, or removed, speak up in

    To report exploiters or rule breakers, report in

    To state a rule violation, simply state the category, roman numeral, and letter.
    E.g Bases, II.A is... "a) You're allowed to mark/claim your land/mountain by plopping down individual foundations around the perimeter. the foundations cannot be touching in two or more!"

    Raiding isn't a thing on this server, so if you see someone who's managed to find a way to destroy buildings, report them immediately to merinis or MysticDeath

    We gladly accept donations to keep the server going, it is only $90 a month and we do offer cosmetic items for donations, $5 for a set of unique beds, clothes, dye, etc.

    We will also consider base moving services for $20 per move.


    I. Express civilized behavior - We will not tolerate overly toxic players who spew hate, bullying, and prejudice into the server. We want to have fun and tell stories, not spend time arguing in chat.
    a) Provoking another player or instigating is now allowed
    b) This rule will be strictly enforced, if an admin is not present, we have logs and can result in a 24-hour ban if the administrator is not present during the said toxicity.
    c) The severity and impact will judge the length of the ban. Salty? Go through desalination and crack open beer, and have a snickers bar.
    d) All that being said, this generally does not apply to IC interactions unless things are taken to an unreasonable extreme.


    I. Don't be a dick
    a) RP within reason, and stick with the lore.
    b) Mary/Gary sue's will be shot. Survivors will be Mitra'd.
    c) do not GodMod or power game.

    II. Excessive OOC is not allowed
    a) Too much OOC can disrupt the flow of RP, and cause people to miss messages. I understand that some OOC must occur, but do it within reason.
    b) long OOC talks should be done in discord, or out of range of other players.
    c) OOC is to be conducted in (brackets)

    III. IC disputes are to be solved in character.
    a) If both parties agree to it, a PvP honor duel can occur with the server admins help.
    b) should there be an OOC dispute resulting from an IC action, a neutral player or an admin may moderate the situation.


    In order to prevent large swaths of the map from being taken but not used in a reasonable way, we do have some light rules for how you should conduct your base building operations.
    Repeat offenses may result in a liberal application of squid juice.

    I. Two structures are allowed per person, excepting:
    a) your clan has received permission from Merinis to start a city. (see rule IV)
    b) the additional structures are 2x2x2 or less
    c) I will not destroy exceptionally well constructed buildings. If you wish to break this rule, do it well.

    II. Build with reason, not with spam. This can cause unnecessary loss of spawning nodes and space for other clans that may want to build there, as well as slower server performance.
    a) You're not allowed to mark/claim your land/mountain by plopping down individual foundations around the perimeter. Build a small outpost instead.
    b) There's a lot to be said for aesthetics, try to make your structure more than an ugly little hut if you are able.

    IV. Clans must be formed to gain a city permit.
    a) this is very easy to do, all you need to do is PM me the co-ords for documentation sake, and give me a stated goal. That's literally it.



    a) Exploiting is utilizing unnecessary or unauthorized functionality that is not a part of the game mechanic to gain advantage over another player or whole, or in most cases, disrupt the server.

    III. Do not block off thrall camps or spawns
    a) Exceptions may apply if you're building a city. It will be discussed when I check the co-ords given with your city permit.
    b) Any base/outpost violating this rule will be asked to be move.
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